Deanna offers practical workshops on how to use jazz in church services, basic improvisation, how to read from lead sheets, and the sacred music of Mary Lou Williams.

Deanna was the opening lecturer on the 2011-12 Shannon Lecture Series at Nazareth College.

Here is a sampling of past offerings:

How to Integrate Jazz in Worship (even if you aren’t a jazz musician)
2019 Suffolk County AGO, Long Island, NY

The Sacred Music of Mary Lou Williams
2018 University of Pittsburgh (click for audio)

Singing in the Streets: Raising Our Voices in Solidarity
2018 Hymn Society Conference, St. Louis, MO

Jazz Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs: Resources for the Church Musician,
2015 Hymn Society Conference

Jazz and Proverb: A Musical Portrait of Wisdom in the Work of Four Female Artists (Mary Lou Williams, Mahalia Jackson, Denise Levertov, Julian of Norwich)
2013 International Thomas Merton Society Meeting

Moving with the Spirit: The Sacred Art of Jazz and Beyond Words: Improvisation as Prayer
2011-12 Shannon Lecture Series in Catholic Studies at Nazareth College, Rochester, NY

Hear an April 2016 performance-lecture at Christ Church in Oak Brook, IL HERE.

Deanna has also given workshops at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, Houghton College, and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Contact Deanna for info on how to bring her to your school, church, or conference.


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