Piano fund + New video series

Happy spring!

Last month I shared about my move to Pittsburgh and my need to have a concert-level piano at home (I’ve been without a piano since last August). I also performed an online piano fund concert– you can watch the archived performance here. Thanks to your generosity, I’ve raised $3200 thus far.

Above: Deanna plays on a rebuilt Steinway C at Klavierhaus in New York City.

To give a sense of how far I have to go, a rebuilt or used Steinway B, C, or D can range anywhere from $40,000-$120,000. I’m committed to finding the right instrument for this point in my career, and will be sharing new online piano fund concerts in the coming months.

If my work is meaningful to you, consider making a donation of any amount (either at Venmo, Paypal, or via check) towards a new piano for my home. Being able to play an excellent instrument each day will help me to create new music for you— be it jazz hymns, choral pieces, solo improvisations, or new Mary Lou Williams arrangements. Thanks for your support!
Off the Page: Sacred Jazz

Off the Page: Sacred Jazz is a new weekly video series premiering each Friday that brings together jazz, hymns, and worship music. Check out the first three videos below and subscribe to Deanna’s YouTube channel to receive reminders of new content!

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