10% off Deanna’s music and book pre-orders Fri, May 7

This Fri, May 7 at Bandcamp: 10% off Deanna’s sheet music, recordings, and book pre-orders!

Deanna’s recordings at Bandcamp.

On the first Friday of every month, Bandcamp waives their fees so that all sales proceeds go directly to artists. This Friday the 7th, I’m offering a 10% discount at deannajazz.bandcamp.com on ANY of my merchandise—including digital and physical recordings like Makes the Heart to Sing: Jazz Hymns, pre-orders for autographed copies of Mary Lou Williams: Music for the Soul, and sheet music–when you use the discount code DEANNAMAY at checkout.

If you’ve never visited Bandcamp before, you can find my recordings at deannajazz.bandcamp.com. Sheet music, songbooks, and book pre-orders at at my “merch” page at deannajazz.bandcamp.com/merch

All proceeds from this Friday’s sale will go toward my piano fund.

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Piano fund + New video series

Happy spring!

Last month I shared about my move to Pittsburgh and my need to have a concert-level piano at home (I’ve been without a piano since last August). I also performed an online piano fund concert– you can watch the archived performance here. Thanks to your generosity, I’ve raised $3200 thus far.

Above: Deanna plays on a rebuilt Steinway C at Klavierhaus in New York City.

To give a sense of how far I have to go, a rebuilt or used Steinway B, C, or D can range anywhere from $40,000-$120,000. I’m committed to finding the right instrument for this point in my career, and will be sharing new online piano fund concerts in the coming months.

If my work is meaningful to you, consider making a donation of any amount (either at Venmo, Paypal, or via check) towards a new piano for my home. Being able to play an excellent instrument each day will help me to create new music for you— be it jazz hymns, choral pieces, solo improvisations, or new Mary Lou Williams arrangements. Thanks for your support!
Off the Page: Sacred Jazz

Off the Page: Sacred Jazz is a new weekly video series premiering each Friday that brings together jazz, hymns, and worship music. Check out the first three videos below and subscribe to Deanna’s YouTube channel to receive reminders of new content!

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Deanna’s housewarming piano fund + thank-you concert

Watch Deanna’s recent (March 24) online solo concert HERE.

All donations (whether made before, during, or after the concert) will go towards a piano for Deanna in her new Pittsburgh home.
For the last six months, I’ve been living in “the city where jazz is love”—Mary Lou Williams’s hometown of Pittsburgh—after having spent twenty-three years of my life as a New Yorker. In addition to being in a new place, I’m also in a new stage of my life as a first-year doctoral student at the University of Pittsburgh. I’ve been busy: since arriving last August, I’ve recorded an all-Mary Lou Williams album at Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild and finished my forthcoming Williams biography.

But one of my biggest life changes happened three weeks ago: I bought my own house.

As a longtime Manhattan apartment dweller, I occasionally dreamed of a day when I could live in my own house, but never really thought it would be possible until I began visiting Pittsburgh two years ago after my first performance here in December 2018.

Deanna and her house.

The day after closing on my home, my mom drove in from upstate New York and feverishly painted my walls for five days. Friends helped get a washer and dryer through my too-narrow basement door, neighbors helped me shovel and gave me rock salt, and more friends lugged my heavy mattress and bed frame up the stairwell. I now see the beginnings of a home for myself.

But one thing is missing.

For the last six months, I haven’t had my piano—or, even, a piano. Yes, my 73-key Nord Electro is here, but a keyboard doesn’t have the hammers, felts, strings, and keys that respond to touch and emotion. Continue reading

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