We Walk in Love- a modern justice anthem

“We Walk in Love” is for this moment.

We Walk in Love- piano part!
We Walk in Love- piano part!
Deanna’s Justice Choir song now has a piano part (complete with a modulation)!
During this time of canceled performances, please consider making a donation (above the $2 score fee) via https://paypal.me/deannajazz or Venmo (preferred method) @Deanna-Witkowski so that Deanna can keep creating more new music for your communities. Thank you!
Price: $2.00

“Witkowski did a wonderful job of honoring the gospel style with We Walk in Love and the lyrics carry such a beautiful message that resonates with singers of all ages. I’ve conducted this piece with an adult gospel choir as well as a young elementary choir of 1st-3rd graders. It was beloved and deeply felt by both groups.”
-Sara Alswager, elementary music teacher, Omaha, NE

Lyrics to “We Walk in Love” by Deanna Witkowski and Lemuel Colon:

1. We walk in love, united in purpose
We join our hands and lift up one voice
We speak the truth with strength and compassion
resounding with hope, with courage and joy.

2. We cry for peace and rights for all people
We welcome friends from far and near
We fight for those whose voices are silenced
Resisting in faith until all are free.

3. We dream a world of justice and kindness
We build a bridge creating new paths
We march with joy as all walk together
Embracing each one, we boldly stand.

In early 2017, I responded to a call for scores for a new collection of social justice songs being curated by Abbie Betinis, Tesfa Wondemagegnhehu, and Ahmed Anzaldúa. The songs to be selected as part of a new movement called Justice Choir would be offered free of charge for anyone to sing for non-commercial use: at concerts, marches, protests, and in houses of worship.

The idea was to have accessible, easy-to-learn songs that speak into the moment that we are living in now, and to provide opportunities for all to create community by singing together.

When I saw a Facebook post from Abbie about the call for scores, I immediately responded by sitting down at the piano. I wrote and harmonized a simple tune in 3/4- not rangy, no big jumps, something that everyone could sing.

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Even, Only for This Day: a hymn for this uncertain time

Even, Only for This Day
Even, Only for This Day
A new SATB or unison hymn addressing our time of uncertainty.
For a donation of any amount made via https://paypal.me/deannajazz or Venmo (preferred method) @Deanna-Witkowski, Deanna is waiving licensing fees for streaming use in your online services or virtual choirs.
Price: $1.00

“Do not depend on the hope of results.” This quote comes from a letter that Thomas Merton wrote to activist (and my Facebook friend), Jim Forest. Our worldwide reality is forcing us to truly live in the present, to take seriously Jesus’ suggestion to “not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow brings enough trouble of its own.”

In an effort to respond to this moment, I dusted off an original hymn tune that didn’t initially yield my “hoped for results” when I entered it last year in a contest that I didn’t win. At that time I’d composed the music as a setting for someone else’s text. Motivated to now write my own words, over a period of three days I composed these three verses:

1. When our hearts are filled with sadness,
when our minds are in despair,
when we pray and hear no answer,
asking why God does not care:

may we feel Love’s gaze enfold us
with a peace so wide and free.
As God weeps and shares our sorrow,
we are never left alone.

2. In our days of isolation,
in the hands we cannot touch,
as our screens show loved ones’ faces
yet still leave us wanting much:

may we find Love’s home within us
in its quiet, long embrace
stilling fear and giving comfort,
we are never left alone.

3. As Christ walks within our cities,
weeps at each deserted street,
as he suffers with the dying,
as he blesses, offering peace:

may we find Christ’s way before us
even, only for this day.
Held in mercy through this season,
we are never left alone.

Watch video of eight friends singing “Even, Only for This Day.”

For any donation above the $1 cost for the sheet music, I’m waiving licensing fees for streaming use in your online services or virtual choirs. Donations can be made via Paypal or Venmo (preferred method) @Deanna-Witkowski.


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Length of Days $10 CD sale through June 15!

Length of Days CD- $10 sale
Length of Days CD- $10 sale
Deanna’s 2006 quartet release on ArtistShare with Donny McCaslin, Dave Ambrosio, and Vince Cherico is available for only $10 including shipping.
Click HERE to hear album clips.
Price: $10.00

For the last two months, I’ve been away from my home in NYC and living at my mom’s. In addition to boxes of my high school mementos, my mom also has five large boxes of my 2006 quartet CD, Length of Days. In an effort to clear some shelf space- and to generate some income in these coronavirus days of postponed performances- I’m offering this CD for only $10 including shipping through June 15 when you purchase through my website.

The digital album is also available here at Bandcamp.

Thanks for your support!

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