Jazz Appreciation Month!

JazzApril_horiz_w-text_400April is Jazz Appreciation Month (or, as the Jazz Journalists Association calls it, JazzApril)!
Here are some thoughts from my April e-newsletter on ways to celebrate. Post a comment with your own ideas!

1. Attend a live performance
(visit my website calendar for up-to-date listings!).

2. Pick one musician to focus on and read/listen to everything you can about them.
(example: Mary Lou Williams. Here’s a great link to start reading/listening).

3. Hire a local jazz musician for your event!
(house concert, a Q&A at a school, a church service…)

4. Take some music lessons!
(New York Jazz Academy is a great place to check out).

Visit the Smithsonian Jazz site for 110 more ways to celebrate jazz!

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